To apply for a job, a strong CV must include:

  • Personal data (address, date of birth, contact information)
  • Education (school, college / university, education, professional training, foreign language classes)
  • work experience (internships, previous employer).

A suitable photograph is most of the time conclusive. The photograph must be taken by a professional photographer. All photo studios in Germany offer specialised services for job applications. The letter of intent is very important. Always revise your letter of intent for typos and misspellings.

When you are called in for a job interview, consider the following:

  • preparation is essential – (brief presentation of the Company where you’ve applied)
  • Before the interview, you must be able to answer the following questions:
    • What does the Company do?
    • What are the benefits enjoyed by the Company?
    • How big is the staff?
    • What is the Company’s philosophy?
    • Who carries out the interview?

Dress appropriately and ask brief and pertinent questions to ensure the interview goes well. Avoid salary or holiday-related questions, but ask for information that shows you are interested in the company. .

Here you will find samples of CVs in English. We wish you much success!